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Short About Us

“Super charge your links and the increase the engagement of your visitors with Simple URL Shortener.”

We offer a link management platform for businesses and individuals which makes it simple to manage, automate, shorten and share your links. Our platform shortens long URLs to ultra short links which makes it easier for you to share your long links with smart phones and other mobile devices.

Shorten and share your shortened links safely, easily and effortlessly with our URL shortening service the same way as on other similar link services; for example, Bitly, BL.INK,, Cut.Ly, the former (Google shortener), in your marketing campaign or on all social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin with customers, colleagues, friends, family. We do not delete your shortened long links as a rule of thumb unless they break our Terms of Service.

Create a free account (forever free) to accessing more features or purchase one of our two montly or yearly business plans if you have even more requirements to manage your links, view traffic analytics. You can also generate custom links though our developers API, or even use your own domain name to shorten links with. Generate as many links as you want with zero limitations under our policy of fair use on all our plans. If you have questions please use the form at the bottom at this page. We are happy to assist you with any sales/purchase related question.

Amazing Features!

All Our Awesome Features for Easy Link Management of Shortening Long URLs.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Reporting & Analytics by continents, countries, states, cities, device type, device brand & device name.

Custom Redirect Option

You can chose between direct or destination preview URL redirect mode for your short links that suits you best.

Password Protect

Set a password to protect your shortened links from unauthorized access.


Bundle your short hyberlinks for easy access and share them with the public.

Advanced API System

We offer an API which allows you to develop applications that integrates with our URL shortening service
*** See business price plan.

Comments System

The Comments box lets people comment on your shared short links.

Unlimited Shortened Links

Shorten as many links you need. The links will never expire.

Edit Created Links

You can modify the long URL behind your customized shortlinks.

Rock Solid Security

Our servers is taken backup of several times a day and is running HTTPS protocol ssl with 256-bit aes encryption to ensure highest secure encrypted communication.

Solid Link Monitoring

We monitor and scan all published short links in our system and delete all non compliant links that point to spam, malicious and dangerous web websites

Simple To Use

Our URL Shortening service is very simple to use, but comes with powerful avanced dashboard features.
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And Even More..

We offer useful features that will asssist you in monitoring traffic, target, engage, and drive more customers and reach your marketing goals.


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