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Developing and running a high quality service like Simple URL Shortener takes a lot of time, hard work, dedication to maintain, and improve a service like this for you to enjoy and share amazing content and of course; loads money to pay for server infrastructure, server security and other expenses, such as office rent, office supplies, staff etc.

We are a small company located in Gibraltar and we really appreciate your support by using our URL shortening service.

If you like what we we are doing, but you are not interested in purchasing our premium plans which helps supporting our further development, then maybe please consider to support us through a donation through PayPal. This will help us in making this service even better and both improve and add even more amazing features into Simple URL Shortener.

Our current host has announced they will chock raise the prices of server infrastructure such as VPS servers, backup, data storage, bandwidth by next year by over 300% and they are using the excuse of blaming higher electricity costs and inflation to dramatically charge much higher prices; which for us makes the cost of hosting this service very hard to handle and continue doing as we are small company and the money we make from advertising and sales of current price plans barely already at current server costs pays for the current costs of running it. Please consider to help us raise 5000 USD to pay for the continuation our link management service over the coming year. Any amount is appreciated weather it is 1 USD or 100 USD or more will help us. No amount is too small and we are extremely thankful for your kind support!

Thank you for your consideration and for using Simple URL Shortener.


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