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Reasons Why It Is Benefical To Use URL Shorteners And Why You Should too
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Reasons Why It Is Benefical To Use URL Shorteners And Why You Should too

We have Compiled at little article here with over view of the reasons it is there is considerable benefits of using ULR shortners both in private use and for professional use as a business and how you can benefit from using URL Shortener services such as ours; Simple URL Shortener.

There are also pitfalls with using URL services because as with all links they could potential lead you to malicious websites so you should take great care when you receive such links, especially from strangers.
Also Twitter has it's own internal shortener service and if you do not use a URL shortener service and brand your link before you post it in your Twitter Account then will automatically take over and make it a short-link which you can never change. Therefore you should always use a URL shortener first before posting your link into your tweet, so that your brand strategy always works the way you have intended.

What is a URL shortener?

The term “URL” is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator – also known as a link or web address. A URL shortener is a tool that takes a full-length web link and compresses this web address into a shorter URL.

Link shorteners aren’t new; they’ve been widely used for many years. These tools gained popularity among Twitter users when the social network limited tweets to just 140 characters. Twitter’s character count and link policies have since changed. Users can now tweet up to 280 characters, and links are always counted as 23 characters. However, compressing URLs remains a best practice for content distribution across social networks and other channels.

Reasons Why You should Use a URL Shortener

So that's it good people for this round. So as you can see there is lot of good reasons why you should use URL shortener service like ours or use other ones like bitly, TinyURL etc. We sure be happy and honored of course if you like to use Simple URL shortener though!

Published on: 1/5/20, 9:52 PM

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