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We are the proud to announce a new short url domain name to you!
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Simple URL Shortener has added a new short domain name to our multi domain portfolio

Here at Simple URL Shortener is very proud to announce that we two days ago acquired and secured a new ultra short domain name which has been added to our Multi domain service. As of now we are the proud owners of the domain name which will help our users to create shorter and even more attractive links which can be shared for both marketing campaign purposes or simple with your friends on social media etc.

Why .ooo domain?

We think that the domain name with the extension .OOO is which is a fairly new domain type is very easy to type, easy to remember, is also quite versatile and attention-grabbing; adding a serious boost to both personal and professional usage because the domain name is short, professional and memorable.

The domain is also very search engine and user friendly because of its very short lenght; regardless on it is used on mobile devices or used on computers or tablets, it is very easy to type.. This makes it perfect for anyone that had a need to shorten a long hyberlink to a more compressed short link that is shared over the internet. OOO is both unique and generic enough that it can be used for any type of of marketing campaing or just general link sharing of long complicated URLs

We hope that will be appreciated and well used by for the greater benefit of an easy link sharing for our users.

Our new domain name is available for anyone that wish to use them free of charge of course.

Just register a free account at our website and start using our multi domain feature.

Happy link sharing! 😃

Simple URL Shortener team

Published on: 7/2/20, 10:52 PM

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